Life Coach Consultations

Are you ready for a change? Heal-rejuvenate-destress.

The Healthy Chik  is a Hippocrates Health Educator(HHE). She offers individual nutrition consultations as well as Healthy Eating programs, a teacher of the living foods and raw food lifestyle, she also offers Juice Cleansing Programs.

Complete Consultation  for $90

  • Private Nutrition Consultation
  • Cleansing & Detoxification programs
  • Transitional Life Change Programs

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Juice Fast

  • Cleanse and detoxify
  • increase energy
  • feel great… look great…lose weight!
  • You will receive 7 delicious Juices/smoothies for each day
  • Our juices  are prepared fresh daily
  • Pick your cleanse up  from the Pure Health bar or delivery option available

The Cleanse!

  1. Matcha Green Tea(aids with withdrawal from caffeine ) …Almond Milk ,  Bananas …Energy blend
  2. Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice …Ginger and Carrot
  3. Almond Milk … Raw Cacoa … Almond Butter… Fresh Blueberries and Bananas
  4. Cucumbers… Celery … Green Apple … Lemon …(cayenne optional)
  5. Almond Milk …Fresh Strawberries ….Bananas … B12 B6 supplement
  6. Spinach…kale …Beets … Carrots
  7. Almond Milk … fresh Blueberries … Fresh Spinach … Green protein supplement

* all can be substituted to suit your needs … also a hard core option with all juices and no smoothies

Special price:

7 day $300
3 day: $150
$50/day (choose the number of days)


Juice Cleanse

You've received a 10% discount!

Juice Cleanse

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